22nd Accordion Jamboree
Hosted by the Southey Seniors
Sat. May 25, 2013

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Rights to Photos
O Canada
M.C. Dennis Koch
Words of Welcome from Southey Seniors
President Charles Schuler
Tom Bender from Bulyea
For Sale
Harold Hubick from Strasbourg
Vince Weber from Regina
Richard Ackerman from Chamberlain
Karl Weisbrodt from Lumsden
Ed Roberts from Regina
Gerry Linn from Torquay
Tom Reinhardt from Humboldt
Ed & Wife Polkaying
Marilyn Eirich from Regina
Here's the Answer!
Marge and Irvin
Marge Schuler from Southey
Irwin Armbruster from Regina
Chuck Weppler from Morse
Jerry Kowalchuk from Regina
Alvin (Duke) Neher: Winner
Kathy Kirsch: Door Prize Winner
Now Is The Hour
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
God Save The Queen