Accordion Jamboree
May 26, 2012

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Marge Schuler
O Canada
Welcome: Southey Seniors' Club
by President Charles Schuler
M.C. Dennis Koch
Yorks from Saskatoon
Agnes York
John York
Gary Harty & Harold Hubick
Harold Hubick
from Strasbourg
Carl Weisbrod
from Disley
Chuck Weppler
from Morse
Ken Degenstein from Spalding
Gary Harty from Southey
Marilyn Eirich
from Regina
Richard Ackerman: Chamberlain
Vince Weber
from Regina
Irwin Armbruster
from Regina
joined by: Marge Schuler
from Southey
Bob Young
from Regina
Jerry Kowalchuk
from Regina
50-50 Winner!
Door Prize Winner
Grand Finale
Accordion Jamboree

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