Working With Tables

R1,C1 R1,C2 R1,C3
R2,C1 R2,C2 R2,C3
R3,C1 R3,C2 R3,C3

Row 1, Col 1
This is the 2nd column of the 1st row
R 2,3,4, C 1
Hi! Row 2, Col 3

Row 3, col 2

Row 3, Col 3
R4, C2
Row 4, Col 3

NAVIGATION is a means of getting around the website!
Where do these words appear? Oh! Here they are on the side of the table and underneath it! What do you think of that? What happens if I keep on typing? Just a few words more and then comes crunch time! It forced the Table to the top and now where? It seems to be manufacturing more and more space!

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