Ray Beck's Photos
February 2008

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Colima Volcano '04 10 second delay 1800 Provincial
Amigo Food And now for that big barking dog A taller mecanio is better
Back of Cafe Beach far left Beach Right
Birds Feeding Baby Big Hairy Grass
Born 1500 Died 2008 Bridge Walk Caution: Long Horned Critter
Call Home, Puppy Playing Chess in the shade
Churches churches
Couple going to lunch on the rock City stream Cubic
Can't keep my eyes off of you Da Real Rock Cafe Drying out
Elephant foot Ex 10 shell ist Cafe Bar Family Time
A Fixer-Upper Flame Blower Sidewalk made of flat rocks
Who are the flowers for? Freeze! Green Sea
Green City Homer Simpson's place Happy Flowers
Heaven Hell House with cab over: For sale
Hotel I can't keep my eyes off of you I like plants
In Grained Inviting Jungle house
Kodak Spot Lighthouse Lady in Park
Mucho Tree Puppy Wash Penthouse
Power Lined Rock Forms Reflection
Remember Ring bell: Have a seat. Road
Row Housing Sand Play Shaking all over
Sun of a beach Sad Saint Day
San Fran Van Sidewalk Cafe Siesta
So you want a revolution Space for flower pots Spainish Stairs
Sponsored by Coke Step in Sun blockers
Teenage Goat Table Tall trees
Tell Station The flora remains This way
Tilt Town Square Toys
Tree Tree house View eating fresh shrimp
Wall hug Winded tile Winged
Wired Wow! Yellow
Yellow night Yellow, yellow, yellow Tire rim Barbeque

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