Southey School 100th Anniversary
July 22, 22, 2006

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Rights to Photos
100th Anniversary Card
DVD For Sale
Barry Elchyson
100th Anniversary Cake
Markinch Lobbyists
Have Some Cake?
Ist School
Norman Ritter (Support)
Quilt Raffle
Product for Sale
Robert Southey aka L.Banga
Dennis Koch MC
Betty Gellner (original poem)
Photos of Groups
Irene Bonish
Designer of Logo
Boosting Trip To Scotland
C. Koch, J. Sauer (Grace)
Joseph Butel (Administration)
John Gaschler (Trustee)
Perry Demorest (40's)
Bland Brown (50's)
Mervin Ritter (60's)
Ron Palmer (70's)
Donna Schmidt (80's)
Amanda Marcotte (90's)
Cassandra Mohr (00's)
Darrell Zaba (Administration)
Feted (30's)
D. Ritter (Committee Chair)
D.J. Music
Pancake Breakfast
Jack & Elsie 60th
Street Drag Racing
What is a scrimbarc?

Official 100th Birthday Celebration
August 29, 2006

Principal Pat Mooney
Committee Chair D. Ritter
Presentation of $5000 plus cheque
Youngest & Oldest students