Benesh Farm 100th
July 29, 2006

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2nd House
Present Residence
Andy & Lana
Theresa, Linda & Marge
Stephanie, Zoe, Carol & Ann
Bess, Joe, Albert, Fran
Bruce, Mary, Andy, Lana
Stacey, Aimee, Zoe
Ben, Nolan, Kyan, Hannah
Frank, the Groom
Helen & Millie
Application for Homestead
On site of Birth place
Alex, Candice, Alexa & Tianna
Benesh Homestead (1 mile away)
Helen & Inez
Millie, Helen, & Jane
Alex, Candice, Tianna, Alexa
Progeny of Albert
Ann with d, gd, & ggd
Hannah with kitten
Zoe with kitten
Hay Ride
Cat with kittens
Telephoto shot
Bill & Dorothy
Need more petrol
Navigator & Pilot
Chef Ben
Mary with Photo
Bride & Groom
Man, That's good!
Friends with Carol
James & Amanda
Trampoline Fun
Andy, Lana, with Daughters
O.K. Who took the picture?
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James & Jim
Photos by Inez
100 yr. Anniversary cake
Pics by Stephanie