Memory of U.F.O. Sighting Triggered By Show

Tuesday, April 7, 1987 by Joe Butel

How many of you watched "Man Alive on T.V. last Wednesday? We missed part of it due to the Music Festival in Cupar, but what we saw was very thought- provoking. How many of you believe that there are intelligent beings in outer space or outer time and that some of them have been visiting us through the years? How many of you have had an experience that you could not logically explain? Well, this program reminded of a flying object that I could not identify!

It happened back in the early 60's, possibly the spring of '63. I was in my classroom in Southey on the west side of the school, preparing my lessons for the next day and the sun had just set. I glanced out of the windows taking in the view of the western sky. The sky was mostly clear with a few tiny puffs of cloud, rosy in the rays of the setted sun. I focussed my sight on one particular puff of cloud and fantasized that I had the ability and power to make it move. The short hairs on the nape of my neck stood on end! It moved!! The rosy puff moved!! Hey, control yourself! Must be a spot on my eye! Look at the other puffs! I stared at the other puffs. They remained stationary. There was no detectable movement. Back to "my" cloud. Sure enough it continued to move, coming towards my general direction and rising with respect to the horizon. I rubbed my eyes, and looked again. It was still moving! Hey, I'll go outside and have a better look. Moments later, I was out on the step and I quickly located the unidentified object. It was still approaching. Its course would take it to the south of my location. The tiny puff of cloud gradually seemed to take on a different appearance. It now consisted of a dark object in front with a jet trail following. Oh, that's what it is, a jet plane! What bothered me, however, was the absence of a solid form in the jet. There was a shimmering appearance about it with no hard outlines to it. And no noise. It was a beautiful evening, extremely quiet with no wind.

As the object continued moving closer, my brain was kept busy trying to "fix" its shape and consequently determine its identity. At one time it seemed to look like a large bird with flapping wings, however with no solid form to it, a quivering, shimmering, blurry mass. Later on, it appeared to look like a helicopter, still with a blurry, hazy form and it was accompanied by a swishing noise-- not at all like the staccato "chop-chop" of a conventional chopper. When it reached a point south of me it changed direction and headed northward directly toward me. A tingle went down my spine and my scalp tightened. I glanced excitedly around me in hopes of seeing some other human being to witness this phenomenom and corroborate my eyesight. No one around!! Should I run home and get my binoculars to get a better view? Should I get my camera? Probably would be gone by the time I got back! I decided to stay put and keep it in sight.

This amorphic object with a soft swishing sound kept coming towards me. Because of its hazy form it was impossible to determine its exact distance from me. My best approximation of its closest approach was 30 to 40 yards. Then it made another change in direction heading slowly eastward into the darkening sky. It gradually became smaller and smaller until it disappeared from view in the east.

The whole episode took about fifteen minutes and I was left in an excited state with a feeling of disappointment that there hadnít been anyone else around to substantiate my sighting.

What was it?? I donít know. However, it has left me with an open mind as to the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. There have been so many reported sightings and even closer encounters that the probability of intelligent life from the outer reality is very great.

Their obvious superior intelligence, as evidenced by their advanced technology, should prove beneficial to our society with its petty jealousies, selfishnesses, and hatreds. That is, if we can equate advancements in intelligence and technologies with advancements in compassion and sensitivity.

What are your views on extra-terrestrial life? on U.F.O.ís? Have you had a close encounter of your own? I would welcome any opinions and experiences on this subject.

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