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August: 2006
Politically Correct Apostate: Pay No Attention to The Soldier Saying the Government is Lying about 9-11
The Gaelic Starover: Pastor Niem?ller in the 21st Century
Mozart in the Meadow
Colorado Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Elsie's 90th Birthday Party
What's Up With This?
What's Really True?
My Photos on Flickr
Starting to Blog August 24, 2006

September: 2006

Radio Broadcasts
Amazing new 9/11 video - released Sept. 11/06
Pyroclastic Flows
Mourning Doves
Jersey Widows
Washington Post Article
Osama Bin Laden no longer Blamed?

October: 2006

Happy Halloween
David & Sandra Wedding
Pilots for 911 truth site
Pilots Question Animation
I'm 22, 5' 6", and 36-24-36, own a Ferrari, and am unattached
Loss of Habeas Corpus
King George is Crowned
The Great Conspiracy part 4
The Great Conspiracy part 3
The Great Conspiracy part 2
The Great Conspiracy part 1
Football Skills
Scales of Justice

November: 2006

What Info Do We Want?
Andreas von Bulow
Sunrise on the prairies
University of Iowa Farm Machinery Music
Cinepainting by Simon Goulet
Israel vs Palestine
The Doors
Find a C, an N, and a 6
Animation of Betty Ann
Camels or Shadows?
A Tribute to Judy
Proposed Site for Southey Skating Rink
Mother Teresa Slide Show
Color Guide
Turning to Dust
David Shayler: MI5 Whistleblower
November 11: Remembrance Day
A 2 bodied horse?
How many do you count?
Monster on Roof
Perfect Break in Snooker
Truth & Lies of 911
Weird Land Formations
Colby Nargang
Usamexcan, Canusamex, Mexcanusa,...?
Scales of Justice

December: 2006

2 Tones
An Iraq War Veteran Speaks Out.
Terror Storm: Who's responsilbe?
Google Sketch Production
Can you get a photo of Superman?
Robert Newman's History of Oil
San Francisco Tea Party
Mary, Did you Know?
Maps of the WTC area
Concert & Supper
My Photos on Art Wanted
Rebeckah, the Human Can Opener
Working with Adobe PhotoShop
What's Really Happening?
Toughest Sudoku I've Encountered
Rate Your Doctors
Aerial Map

January: 2007

Denny Crane on No-Fly List
A Large Case of Mirage
Peak Oil is a Myth!
Fire Hazard While Refueling!
Hair Dryer Powered Band
What did he know and when did he know it?
First Responders are Dying!
What is RFID?
Stacking Dice
Teddy Stoddard
Michael Moore's Letter to W
Webshot Photos
Tower 7 is the Key!
Loose Change 2nd cut
Michael C.Ruppert
Confessions of an Economic Hitman #1
John Perkins #2
John Perkins #3
Operation Enduring Freedom

February: 2007

Building Stood for 20 Minutes After Collapse
Who's yo' Daddy?
Dinner Theatre
Lock Bumping
North American Union
Iraq: The hidden story
Singing Kids
Having a bad day!
Can You Beat the Fruit Man?
Bride has massive Hair Wig Out
My Photos on Flickr
Happy Slip on YouTube

March: 2007

Whose Waters were they in?
Operation Bite
Flight 77 Final Maneuver
African Booze Tree
The Elves: Kappa Spring Sing Friday Night
Dutch Demolition Expert Talks about Tower 7
The Meyer Cell for Producing Hydrogen
WTC 7 The Smoking Gun BBC Premature Report
Various Stuff
9-11 Cartoon Remix (Aaron Russo)
USA is winning in Iraq!
10 False Flags that Changed the World

April: 2007

JFK Murder will be Solved!
On A Sunday Afternoon
Rosie Pledges Allegiance
What's Causing Global Waming?
My Photos on Flickr
Was Cho a Mind-Controlled Assasin?
Alex Jones Speaks at PNAC
In Memory of Harry
The Great Leatherback Sea Turtle Race
Morgan Stack "In The Studio"
How To Moonwalk
Which Will Hit The Ground First?
Google Earth & Darfur
The Englishman's Boy: Preview
JFK: The _ _ _ _ Connection
Sofia Interviews Judy
9-11 Octopus
9-11 Truth
We are Mice in a small room controlled by a Grizzly Bear
What Does Science Say About 9/11?
Is Iran Going Nuclear?
WTC Photos
Difference United
What We Call the News
A Soldier's Photos
Secret behind Secret Societies

May: 2007

9/11 revisited
Who Benefitted?
R.C.M.P. Musical Ride
Time Again For The Southey Annual Accordion Jamboree.
Tattoo in Regina
Before & After
Building 7 Committed Suicide
Iraq For Sale
Joe Friendly and Jim Fetzer
They did that Because they hate our Freedom
Alex Jones on pre-collapse of WTC 7
The Bilderberg Group
CBC Global Warming Doomsday Called Off
Wanna Laugh?
London Bombing 7/7/05
Canadian Action Party
Italians Protest US Base
Oil Sands Site
When did he know about it?
9/11 Mysteries
Which is the real Osami?
Jim Fetzer: Evidence for Unconventional Weapons
Facts About Hemp

June: 2007

Weekend in Calgary
BBC and 911
How To Solve a Rubik's Cube
Do Trees Travel?
Who Else Believes in 911 Truth
Here's Breakfast!
George Galloway: Telling It As It Is
Graeme MacQueen in Vancouver
In Support of Ed & Elaine Brown
Theft By Deception
An Interview with the Loose Change Crew
It Must Be True! I Saw It On TV.
Mosaic 2007
Barrie Zwicker

July: 2007
Expose: by a Demolition Expert
Was Bin Laden Responsible for 911?
Situation in Afghanistan
Prescott Bush's History
A Conservative Speaks Out
Possible TN Fakery
Terror Storm New Edition
The Kennedy Question
Spider Goats
Dr William Deagle Interviews Dr Steven Jones
Oil, Smoke & Mirrors
Aaron Russo Unplugged
ZEIGEIST, the Movie

August: 2007
America: Freedom to Fascism
Historical Overview
Casuality Monitor
Conspiracy of Silence
Alex Predicted 9/11 in July 2001
The 9/11 7/7 Connection
7/7 Mind the Gap
911 Ripple Effect
Can Cell Phones Work in Airplanes?

September: 2007
Letter To Columbia University President
Dr. Deagle
What Lies Do We Believe
Gary Hart's Letter To Iran
City Councillor Gets Beat Up
End Of Free Speech In USA
Pro Bush Mom Reviews "End Game" Documentary
Countdown for Tower 7
9/11 Changed Nothing
Webster Tarpley
The 9/11 Grassy Knoll
Osama As Alive As Elvis
Compilation Of 9/11 Material
The Real Story Of Ruby Ridge
Shuttle Photos
9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Fact Or Fiction?

October: 2007
Dr. David Ray Griffin: The Myth and The Reality
High Water Consumption
Conservative Roundtable Discussing NAU
Are Americans Liable for Income Tax?
New Evidence That The Official Story of 911 is Indefensible
Coronation Street
The Very First Episode Of Coronation Street
The Big Lie: Iran is a Threat!
Optical Illusion
Abstract Created by Cloning
Marlin Animation
Where's the Debris?
Giuliani (Funny how past lies are hard to remember)

November: 2007
Fulford Interviews Rockefeller
The Media's Monopoly Code of Silence
The Federal Reserve
Death by Taser orů
How Safe Is Aspartame
Louder Than Words
Kuncinich Moves For Impeachment Of Cheney
How The Media Manipulates
Unmasking the Wannabee Masters of the Universe

December: 2007
Still Using the Old Methods
The Open Conspiracy for One World Government
Edith Cavell & World War I
Glen Beck Interviews Ron Paul
Rockefellers Joked About Controlling The World
Interview Of Michael Tsarion
What Was On the Missing CIA Tapes?
Tea Party Dec 16, 2007
Graham Confirms White House Cover-Up

January: 2008
Ron Paul in California Debate
Reality on the Ground
Spinning Both Ways
Is Waterboarding Torture?
The Men Who Sold the World
Doubt re 911 Expressed in Japanese Diet
Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws
Ron Paul Compared to MLKing
911 and the Incompetence Excuse
How To Steal an Election

February: 2008
935 False Statements
Hitting the Satellite
Do you Believe in Miracles?
Willie Nelson Interview
Loose Change Trailer
Interview of Barrie Zwicker
Democrats call Bush's Bluff
Dangers of the NAU
Video from Architects & Engineers for 911 truth
Quite a Choice!!
Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule
Loose Change Final Cut
Pull It!
Willie Nelson Interview
Loose Change

March: 2008
The CIA Operation in Tibet
A Brief History of the Official 911 CoverUp
Easter Vigil
JigSaw Puzzle
Happy Easter
DVDs to Members of Parliament
Yukihisi Fujita
The Rodenator: Solution for Sask Gopher Problem?
Red Squirrel Home
Red Squirrel Holes
Glenn Howard's Amazing Shot
Cocaine & the Contras
Water Boarding: 1936 version
Elevator Silhouette
End of Nations
Kulabyte Technology
Republic of Lakotah
Marion Cotillard
Intelligence Officer Updates His Conclusions

April: 2008
Accountibility Conference
Strange Behavior of a Robin
Torture Rendered at the Movies
Interview with R.H.
Nationwide Protest against SPP, NAU, NWO
This Is An Orange
Stop the SPP
Ottawa Action: Building the Momentum
Alex Warning's a Call to Action
Alex Predicts 911 (6 weeks before it happened)
Christine Ebersole's Blog
Jesse Ventura Interview
The Girl in Saskatoon
Elizabeth Gilbert
Former Governor Jesse Ventura
Ron Paul Questions Bernanke
The Trojan Horse

May: 2008
Richard Gage
Alex Interviews Rchard Gage
Architects & Engineers web site
Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Christopher Bollyn
Bilderberg Resource Page
Ventura Enlightens Howard Stern
This Year's Bilderberg Meeting in Virginia?
The Skinny on Mohamed Atta
How Empires Fall
MoD Releases UFO Files
Who's Appeasing Whom?
Bush Gave Up Golf
Ist Communion
Global Warming Scam
Alex Responds to Critic

June: 2008
Mark Reagan Affair
John Hutchison and the Hutchison Effect
Oil Prices Are Being Manipulated
James Fitzer At Freedom Rally
Interrogation Of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed
35 Articles of Impeachment
Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
List of the Bilderberg Attendees
Stayin' Alive
The Three Amigos on 911
Report from the Westfield Mariott
Vans With Explosives

July: 2008
E. Howard Hunt's Confession
Album from Webshots
Scary Bill
Buglosi Brings Down The House
UFO Commentary
Senator Karen Johnson Brings 9/11 Truth to Arizona
Old Geo's Antiques
Attendance At Boehemian Grove
Red Hatters at Corner Gas

August: 2008
What's The Scoop On New Forms of Energy?
March On Ottawa Video
Compilation from AE 911Truth
911 Chronicles: Truth Rising
Testimony of an American Girl
Proof: Georgia Started It!
What's That Hanging at the back of the truck?
Shadow Art
Wake Up Call: Commentary on the New World Order

September: 2008
WS Executives made $3 Billion
9/11 Missing Links: The Real Enemy
Bailout Plan Drawn Up Months Ago
Major Coverups of Mass Media
Osama Bin Laden Denies
Jesse Ventura questions the media
7th Anniversary
Socialism for the Rich
Chem Trails Are Real!
William Engdahl
Jesse Ventura Speech at Rally For The Republic

October: 2008
Cossiga Gives Advice
Talking With Willie & Jesse
Questions in the Japanese Diet
Bird & Fortune: Subprime Banking Mess
Football Playoff Map
Endeavour March 11, 2008
Ice Cap Increasing
Chinese Astronaut Walk in Space
Kennedy's Death Called Intervention
Barry Jennings Dead at 53
David Rae Griffin Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
Naomi Wolf: Give Me Liberty
Financial Crisis Predicted Long Ago
What Caused The Global Run on the Banks?
Wooden Arrows Included in Bailout

November: 2008
Cynthia McKinney
Where's The Proof?
Ron Paul's Speech
From a Family in Baghdad
$50 a barrel foretold in July/08
Barack Obama Be Thy Name
Hope Dance
If my nose was running money
Racketeering on a scale...
The Most Important Video Ever! Must Watch!
Pittance of Time
Where's the Proof?
Now that Obama has won... There's no excuse.
Secrets of the CIA
From George Washington's Blog
Interesting Videos

December: 2008
3000 UFOs Over New York
It Was a Size 10 Shoe
How Can Trust In The System Be Restored?
Ever hear of Gwadar, Pakistan?
NIST's latest Report on Collapse of Tower 7
Retired Pakistan General Speaks about Mumbai
Swat Team Terrorrizes Ohio Family

January: 2009
FEMA Camps Authorized
Solar Power Tower, Seville, Spain
Tunnels in Gaza
George Galloway Comments
Must someone not also look back?
Letter from Baghdad
Money as Debt
How Safe Are the Green Light Bulbs?
Justice Roberts Flubs Oath
How Safe is Aspartame?
Largest US Embassy on Earth
Rant on Rescue Me
Slide Show of Old Slides
Background to War against Marijuana

February: 2009
Expose on Diamonds
Medical Professionals for 911 Truth
Tire Safety
Compare Obama to Bush
Dubai Becoming a Ghost Town
What Cooked the World's Economy?
The Higher Self
Truth Commission would be a Shame
Still Standing After Disastrous Fire
The Graveyard of Empires
God's Pharmacy
Are the 9-11 Truthers 'mentally ill"?
High Fructose Corn Syrup

March: 2009
Keep your lips firm!
Loreena McKennitt
Snow Vehicle Concept (1924)
Did You Know?
The Real AIG Conspiracy
The O.D.
By Their "Roots" Ye Shall Know Them!
Peace Train
The O Deception
Bohemian Grove

April: 2009
The Lempriere-Ross Bench Mark from 1841
Susan Boyle Wows Them
Elizabeth Nelson: Flight 93
Bill Moyers Interviews William Black
French Judge Exposes Fraud ...
George Galloway in Toronto by Video

May: 2009
Elite Wants two thirds ...
Bilderberg 2009 is now ON!
Gore Raked By Congress

June: 2009
Economy Insights
Economy Rant
Market Crash
The Calling
Bilderberg 2009
Engineers Question
What's It?
Debate on Weather Modification
Isla Grant
Should we be breathing powdered aluminium?
Scientists find nano-thermite particles
Soldiers Know

July: 2009
Just What is the Truth about Vaccines?
Flu Vaccine Info
What Was the Order?
The Speech that got Kennedy Killed
French Comic Bigard
Stubblebine Speaks
Audit the Fed
Snowboard Antics

August: 2009
Suing Baxter
Messages Through a Medium
Kseniya Simonova: Talent from Ukraine
How Mercury Kills the Brain
Chem Trails
Animal Maze
Leaked Letter
Food and Health
Regina Folk Festival
Coming Food Crisis
U Do News
Psychotropic Medications
Historic Bell Barn
Iron Mountain
Info Re Flu Vaccine
Prophetic Card Game from 1995
Steve Jackson's Interview

September: 2009
Tony Green's Art
More about Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson
Why Do You Believe...
What Do You Believe?
Zero by Chiesa
Charlie Sheen Talks with the President

October: 2009
Olympic Torch Relay
Vaccine Nation
Dr. Blaylock Speaks on H1N1 Vaccine
PBS Colorado Questions 9/11
Claims for Vitamin D
Rauni Kilde on Swine Flu Vaccine
1896 The Case Against Vaccination
Bigard: "Pull It!"
Concerned Senator
The World According To...
Lumberjack Song
Ten Questions About H1N1 Vaccines
Danish Prime Minister Knew ...
Restricting Our Freedoms
2nd Anniversary
von Campe
Healthy Food?
APF Recent Changes

November: 2009
Ukraine Hit By Deadly Flu
Alex Interviews Lord Monckton
Lord Monckton
Polish Health Minister says "No"
Deciphering the Swine Flu Scam
Chemical Clouds
Medical Doctor Retracts Vaccine Advice
20th Anniversary of Fall Of Berlin Wall

December: 2009
12 year old's winning speech
Kurt Haskell Witnessed the Underwear Bomber
A War Veteran Speaks Out
The Cloud Mystery
Nigel Farage: United Kingdom Independence Party
Interview of Lord Monckton
Gore Cancels Copenhagen Speech

January: 2010
The Story is Reversed
Playing at the Olympics!
Jesse Ventura's Questions
Flu Hoax
Cuba in Haiti
Comments on The Unofficial Story
Grammar Lesson
What Really Matters
Georgia Guidestones
Hal Sisson: QC
Kurt Haskell: Underwear Bomber
Interview of Noam Chomsky
12 year old's winning speech

February: 2010
Who Is Herman Von Rompuy?
Ron Paul at CPAC
Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans
Tyranny in America
Take Out the CIA
Bay of Pigs Fiasco
Going On Patrol
Decoding Crop Circles Message
Street View
Eustace Mullins
Where's The Evidence Against Osama?

March: 2010
Jasmine McGuin
Why Aren't These Guys in Jail?
Result of a dream about a dream
Breaking World Records
Was Osama Bin Laden Responsible?
Huffingpost Kills Jesse's Piece
Jesse Ventura on The View
Lyme Disease
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sanity

April: 2010
Freedomain Radio
Cure Breast Cancer with Fried Chicken?
Earth's Forbidden Secrets
Japanese Robots
Monsanto Patent for a Pig
How does a drop of Water Drop?
Turning Buildings Into Dust
15th Anniversary
Max Keiser & Alex Jones
Wind Damage
Seasonal flu Vaccines Increases Risk
Johnson Fears that Guam may capsize
Phil Hare: Accomplished Accoustic Guitarist

May: 2010
Mistaken Identity??
Was It a North Korean Torpedo?
Breakfast at Ginger's
What in the world are they spraying?
GMO Food and Sterility
Hang Insomniac Jam
Saw Won't Cut Your Finger
Jesse Ventura Claims Gov't Involved
Salbuchi: Global Finacial Collapse
John Board and Dee Nicholson
New World Order in Disorder
Detention for taking candy to school
Jeffrey Smith on GMO Foods
Mill Race Festival
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Conference

June: 2010
A Former Marine Speaks Out
We Mean Nothing to BP
The Fluoride Deception
Fluoride: Good For the Teeth?
Here Comes the Rain Again!
Gulf of Mexico Deja Vu
Another Version
Wiki-Leaks founder's life is in danger
Fighting Food Facism
Media Shut-Down in the Gulf
We Con The World
Cross Talk on Aid Raid
The Rachel Corrie Sets Sail
Mistaken Identity??

July: 2010
History of our downfall
The Assasination of Democracy
The War Prayer
Intimidation Tactics
Octopus Picks Spain
Black Block Given Free Reign?
Who Really Controls BP?

August: 2010
Barry Soetoro
False Flag Operations
How the US created Al Qaeda
Gul Claims World War Three is Imminent
General Hamid Gul
War Is A Racket
UFOs: Disney's Video 'Alien Encounters'

September: 2010
European Union Shaky
Tantrums Betray Guilt

October: 2010
Jig Saw Puzzles
UN Bans Chemtrailing
Jesse Ventura Challenges Media
GMO? No!
Sally Davies Project
Quadruple-dose "super" vaccine
The Monster
Jeff Becker in US Senate Debate
Milk Co-op Raided
Remember Paul Hellyer?
Professor Resigns:Global Warming is a Fraud
October 12: Columbus Day
How Safe are GMO Foods?
What in the World are they spraying?
Gates: How to lower the Earth's supply of C02

November: 2010
Nigel Farage Strikes Again
Free Speech Silenced
The T-Mobile Welcome Back
It's Called Christmas
One Year After Climategate
Jesse's Latest Video on TruTV
Enough is Enough
James Traficant Speaks Out
Geraldo Rivera Changes Tune
Quantitative Easing Explained
Chem Trails & HAARP
Dog Training
The Take
It's a Matter of Balance
Living Large
Building What?

December: 2010
Is Global Warming Caused By Mankind?
Hours of Daylight
Experiences with Comwave
John Pilger: The War You Don't See
Pentagon Attack
WTC 7 Did not Fall. Leiberman says that he has no evidence.
Can you identify this car?
Electronic Theft
Videos of Lindbergh's Flight
Before you get too excited about ...
Wake Up To The NWO Documentary
Fed Secrets Revealed!
Caught up in lies
TIME's Julian Assange Interview

January: 2011
Pan Pipe Music
Who Controls Your DVR?
A Web of Turpitude
Can You Name That Tune?
Alleged White Paper
UFO: Out of the Blue
The Mercury-Autism Coverup
The Rulers of the World

February: 2011
Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Elk Fighting in Madison River
Weather as a Weapon
3rd in the Zeitgeist Series

March/April: 2011
Usama Bin Laden Deceased
On My Father's Side by The Barn Again Gang
9/11, Globalization, and Total War
Are you happy with Canada's direction?
63 Documents That ...
Remember Building 7
India vs Sri Lanka
Cricket Highlights
The Deal
Canada Watches Its Democracy Erode
Who the H--- Do You Think You Are?
Anxious About Accidental Nuclear Plant Explosions?
G20 Fallout
Dr. Gary Null Speaks at a Vaccine Hearing
The "Truth" of the Oil Situation
Long, stabby thing

What is a Scrimbarc?