Many of you are familiar with Mr. Dressup and his Tickle Trunk.
Well, I have a fanny pack full of gimmicks that are puzzling and
fascinating. This bag has been nicknamed "The Tickle Bag".
Elastic Thro Elastic
One elastic is hooked between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand
and the other between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand
but trapped behind the first elastic.
The object is to get the second elastic free from the first
while still being hooked between the forefinger and the thumb of the right hand.
Thro the Loop
A shoe lace is wrapped around a forefinger with a loop set to receive the tip.
The object is to pass the tip thro the loop without releasing it.
Button Hole Doodad
A short stick is looped through a button hole of a shirt.
Object: Remove the doodad.
Wood Thro Steel
A safety pin is pushed through the center of a popsicle stick
and the safety pin is clasped.
Object: Flick the stick through the other wire of the pin
Catch The Ring
Hold a ring around a chain loop. Drop the ring.
Object: Catch the ring.
Where Are the Dots?
The 2 matches have marks on one side only. Hold the matches side by side
with the dots' side upwards between your right thumb and fore-finger.
Grasp the matches with your left thumb on the dots' side and left fore-finger below.
Do a 180 degree turn with the matches and hold them again with your right thumb &
fore-finger.Object: Guess where the dots are now?
The snapper body has a cylindrical hole with an elastic loop in the far end.
The plunger part has a small hook on one end.
Object: Put the plunger into the hole and catch the loop with the hook.
If you are successful the elastic will snap the plunger out of your grasp.
Hooie Stick
The Hooie stick has notches on one side and a propellor fastened to one end.
Object: Try to make the propellor rotate by stroking across the notches with another stick.
If you're successful then change the direction of rotation by calling out a magic word:"Hooie"

Video of the Hooie Stick in Action