Wind Damage
June 30, 2007

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I got these photos from my friend, Donald Bubnick, who resides in Esterhazy, Sk. They were accompanied by this note.

Saturday June 30.
Winds in Esterhazy area gusting to 140+ km/hr. (90 mi/hr.) blew cars of CNR train off the trestle which crosses the valley near Gerald.
Esterhazy damage mostly to trees with some roof damage. Power lines down. Power off for most of the day, restored in Esterhazy at 5 P.M.
Yarbo (10 miles away) was without power until July 1.

Got these pictures from Perry Bubnick. Don't know his source.
Southeastern Saskatchewan
Esterhazy Potash Mine & Gerald
Can you help me?
What direction was the train going?
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Large Hailstones

This is an e-mail from Elaine & Hugh Huber with regards to large hailstones that fell on June 21, 2007 in a location north of Earl Grey, Sk.

Hi all;
These are the large hailstones that fell last Thursday evening at our friend & neighbor's farm, Lucia Norleen's home.
They dented their vehicles as well as left a bump & bruise on her daughter, Sara's head & hand. They also rec'd over an inch of rain in few minutes too!!
TTYL Elaine & Hugh Huber